About me

I am passionate about understanding people's experience and I strive to design accessible services to make people's lives easier. 

What's my background?

I grew up in France by the ocean. 

I started my academic studies with languages. Today, I can fluently speak French, English and Spanish. I am currently improving my intermediate German, and I have basic knowledge of Portuguese, Italian, and Arabic. 

I then turned to social sciences and completed a PhD in sociology. Thanks to my seven years experience as a sociologist in academic research, I have deep knowledge of research methods and of issues of diversity, discrimination and inclusion. I strive to use this knowledge to build products that will empower people in their daily lives, especially with issues related to healthcare and education.

Saint-Nazaire Bridge, in the French Far West.

Workers and passers by at Bilbao's Guggenheim Museum. Empathizing is key in understanding users' needs, desires and pain points. 

How do I work? 

I am a researcher with a keen interest in design. 

Over my career, I have developed a strong experience in qualitative and quantitative research method, from problematization to data collection to analysis to communication to stakeholders. 

My research experience drove me to UX because I want turn research into action and help design a world with equitable access to services for users with various abilities and backgrounds. 

I enjoy working collaboratively with people from different backgrounds. 

What are my interests?

Professionaly, I am passionate about issues related to inclusion, accessibility, healthcare and education.

I've been living in Berlin for the past 3 years, and love the cultural scene in this lively city. Personal hobbies include house-gardening, running, swimming, inlineskating, and photography (pictures on this website are mine).

A view of Berlin by night from the Monbijou Bridge.

Drop me an email if you want to get in touch: